We here at U-R-G-E have come up with this site to help others realize their potential and the ability that they have with in themselves to do more than they ever thought possible.  I will go into more detail in the intro/first blog post but the short of it is that U-R-G-E stands for U R Good Enough; that statement is a thought, theory and belief in and of itself.  We believe that we are all created, or born, with all of the talents that we need in order to be successful in life.  That does not mean you will be successful in everything, it means that you have what you need to be a success in life.

We base success on the thought process of people, and the world, being better off because you were a part of it.  It has been proven that following this logic you will be setting yourself up to be considered a success by almost any measurement possible.  So sit back; relax and enjoy the site, blog and information that will help you realize that U R Good Enough.