By Christopher Sheriff

U-R-G-E is an acronym that we are using to express our belief in you and how you can and will go about life. U-R-G-E stands for U R Good Enough; and simply means what it says. I have been there before; you know where you are at, wondering what is out there and if there is more to this life. U-R-G-E was the answer that I had most recently; but it was not the first answer to that question of: what else is there?

It took me some time to realize what our movement is about; and I am going to briefly describe what U-R-G-E stands for and what this realization can do. I was meeting with a partner of mine and we were talking about what we wanted to do and how to go about doing it. You see; he was at the same place I was and wanted to bring more VALUE to people’s lives other than the products we were selling at our jobs. Don’t get me wrong; I like what I do and continue to do it to this day, I just felt I could do more by helping people accomplish the feeling that I have everyday. That feeling of doing a career and profession I like, enjoying the pressure of my job but eliminating the stress of outside factors, and being a better person not only to my family, but to others.

There is a process to realizing that U R Good Enough and applying to your everyday life to help not only yourself, but others progress toward their goals. U have to realize that U R Good Enough to realize your goals and dreams and be what you should be, not necessarily what you want to be. U need to realize that U have everything within you to achieve that; you were created with the talents, abilities, personality and ability to learn what to do and how to do it. Our goal is to work in partnership with you to help U realize that and point you in the right direction.

You may not like which direction you are pointed, you may be totally thrilled or scared by that direction; I know I was. However, what I went through allowed me to grow and become something I never saw myself becoming; in fact, I am still growing and becoming more than I thought I could. Change is an opportunity for growth, and growth is an opportunity for realization of what you can and will become. It can be scary, nerve racking and sometimes disappointing trying to work and change to improve your place in life; believe me I have been there and so have others, but you can and will make it.

Realizing that U have the tools and abilities to accomplish what you dream, through hard work, is the first step to moving forward. When I say accomplish your dreams we do have to keep some semblance of realism here. I am 40 yrs. old, slow and can’t jump so my dream of playing in the NBA is not realistic. However, working with someone to bring accomplishment to their lives and helping them achieve more is realistic. U just have to know what steps to take and have someone to help you be accountable to the process and keep progressing in order to make it. We are here to help through our blog, our books and our M2 videos clip to help you prove to others; and more importantly to yourself, that U R Good Enough.

I U-R-G-E you to work, achieve and believe that you have what it takes; we will help.