Be Someone’s Superman

Have you ever thought about being Superman? I know that I have, not only when I was a kid but also as an adult. No, I have not thought about being able to melt stuff with my heat vision or look at people with my x-ray vision; that could be scary. I have however thought about what it would be like to be Superman, you know the person that swoops in and saves the day bringing light to the darkest of times and helping restore some sort of honor to the world we live in. That is the way I see superman and that is what I am talking about; being that person that when the chips are down you can be counted on to help right the ship and make everything good again. Now, enough with the cliché’s and stereotype phrases; here are some very good points on how to be a superman to people that you interact with.


  1. Do Not Be Afraid

This one is fairly easy for people to accept; think about how what you are thinking of doing would impact someone’s life if you just did it instead of hesitating about it. You see an apparent homeless person on the sidewalk and you have water or a couple dollars you can spare; don’t think about it give it to them. That will make you superman in their eyes. So many people have plenty of opportunities to impact other people’s lives but fear keeps them from doing it and possibly making a life changing impact on someone’s life. I have been blessed with an awesome 7 year old son; he has for the last 2 years raised money for our local children’s hospital; no thinking about it just coming up with an idea and doing it. Some of those kids will never know who he is but to them he is a superman.


  1. Reach Out

In today’s time so many people do not reach out to help others, it really is a shame that our world has come to this point. We should always be willing to reach a hand out to those that need it; whether they are less fortunate or just need a shoulder to cry on; we should be willing to do that. Now, there is a caveat; we should not do this if it will be a detriment to our families or put us or those who have trusted us with their safety in harms way. We do need to use good judgement on how to help others so that our families are not caused harm or hardship from us reaching out to help others.


  1. Help Them FLY

This is the most rewarding way you can be Superman to someone; here you re not just giving them something or helping them through a tough situation. When you help someone fly you are giving them some tools that they can use to improve their own lot in life. Helping someone fly is probably the greatest endeavor that you will embark on; it is also the one with the most responsibility because you are now helping someone to not only get through the challenge they are in now, but you are also helping them plan and execute plans and goals for their future. Giving someone the tools that they need in order to make their future better, and helping them with it, is an awesome feeling that everyone should experience.


These are just some very basic things that we can do to be a superman to someone and impact their life more than we could ever know. Just think about it, doing good for other people that could never help you or impact your life and the power that comes with that. You could be the difference in someone’s life that could cause them to keep on going when all hope is lost. I leave you with this, and I am going to paraphrase it. I heard a story of a kid that was on his way home when some kids bullied him and knocked his backpack off and all his books went everywhere; the captain of the football team saw this an went over to help him out and invited him to a birthday party. They soon became best friends and the kid that got bullied graduated with honors; during his graduation speech the kid that got bullied told the captain of the football team that he was going home to commit suicide that day and that the football player saved his life simply by inviting him to a party and being his friend. The football player did not know that for years but he was superman to that boy when that boy had nothing obvious to offer but friendship in return. Now, think about how the captain of that football team felt after that; think he felt like superman? I can almost guarantee he did; GO be Someone’s Superman. U R Good Enough.