It’s The Little Things

How many times in our lives have we heard the phrase above? Probably a couple hundred if not a couple of thousand times in our lives to this point. I used to be a high school basketball coach and have read and studied some of the greatest minds in coaching basketball. The one that has stayed with me the most was the stories I have read and heard about John Wooden; the legendary coach of the UCLA Bruins men’s basketball teams. He was a wholehearted believer in the fact that the little things that we do can have a huge impact on our lives and how we compete. I have read where on the first day of practice he would go through how to properly put on socks and tennis shoes with his basketball team; his thought process behind it was that if you take care of your feet then that would minimize a lot of potential injuries that most players face, and he was right.

This type of thought process can be very beneficial to us as well. It can keep us focused on what we are doing and what our goals are so we can achieve them. Little things are usually what derail us from achieving our desired goals and dreams; let’s look at getting out of debt. Most people desire to be debt free but very few people ever get around to realizing at dream because they are unable to, or worse yet, unwilling to follow little steps that will lead them to being debt free. One of the easiest ways to get debt free is to cut back on expenses and apply that to the debt in order to drop the amount you owe.   Most people do not realize that simply adding about $80/month to a mortgage will pay it off in approximately 5-10 years earlier; depending on the loan amount and term. Let’s break that down; $80/month is $2.66/day for most months; that is a coffee a day at Brokebucks or just one or two soft-drinks cut out. That is what I mean by the little things; $2.66/day can cut off approx. 5-10 years of a mortgage; you would think that a coffee a day would be worth being able to pay off your largest debt faster, but most people will not do it.

Using the example above look at some other things that you would like to achieve of get rid of; work with someone to break them down into manageable pieces s that you can get those little “wins” and see some improvement toward your goals. Sometimes the hardest things that we believe to be done are some of the easiest if we just simply look at it in a different light and try to manage them a little better; then we can have success and achieve what we want to in life.

Remember: U R Good Enough; let’s do it.