A Single Match Can Cause an Explosion

This post is coming from the simple phrase above, think about the title and you will come to the realization that it is entirely correct. Most people spend so much time on trying to make the situation perfect before they try to make something happen. Think about that for a minute; if everyone waited until timing/finances or any other of a hundred pieces were perfect before attempting anything we would not have near the advances in technology, science, medicine or any number of industries we have now. Imagine if you would that Bill Gates wanted to make sure that there was an infrastructure in place to produce the media for his programs; if Steve Jobs wanted to have all of the manufacturing and logistical support in place before building his first personal computer and if Eli Whitney wanted to have pre-orders established before he attempted to invent the cotton gin? If these people made sure that the support, infrastructure and market were there before they took that leap we would not have many of the modern conveniences that we take for granted today.

Every pioneer and innovator was at one time considered an outsider, a rebel or crazy; but they continued and persevered in their goals and dreams in order to make a better world for the rest of us. They put their own perception, reputation and fortunes on the line to pursue what they felt was their calling. Let them be an inspiration to you to encourage you to take that one match that you have been given, light it and make an explosion that you would be proud of and that would be a beacon for others. Remember, advances and improvements throughout history were made by people that took a leap, that only had one match and used it to make an explosion to better the lives of all mankind.

And as always remember: U R Good Enough