Don’t Open the Door, Break it DOWN!!!

I am really going to challenge some people’s thinking on this one; I even challenged my own thinking and thought processes that I was brought up with because of what this post is about. As you can read the title above I have come to believe that in certain instances what is needed is for someone to BREAK DOWN THE DANG DOOR. So many people have been conditioned to believe that if the door is not open then it must not be meant for you to go through it; I say bull crap. This is not always true, what if the door is just stuck and is wanting to see how bad you really want what is on the other side? Have you ever thought about that? I have plenty of times and now at 40 years old I look back and say; “what opportunities did I miss out on because I was afraid of breaking down the door?” So many people fall prey to this and believe; “well it’s not open so it must not meant to be” or “it must be bad for me since that door is not open”.

Think of what you are saying; maybe the door is not supposed to be open because someone or something is trying to get you to use your skills and talents to figure out a way through or around an obstacle; how about that? Have you ever thought about that? I know for years because of my upbringing I did not question “if” when the door was closed; I just moved on trying to find a door that was open and ready for anyone with any talents to just walk through. What this process teaches subconsciously is that you and your specialness, like that word huh?, are not why you are progressing; it is due to someone or something choosing for you in essence not allowing you to use your given talents and abilities to showcase what you are made of and what you can accomplish.

Now I am going to take a detour and approach this from how I was raised. I grew up going to Christian Schools and a Christian College and the pervading theme is that God will open the door and show you the direction that you are supposed to take. I say that this is not always true; I believe that sometimes desires and dreams are put on our hearts and minds and when we look at how we are going to achieve them we do not see a way to get to them, this is where I have had a change of heart. Previously like I said I would have said “oh well the door is closed, got to find something else”, now I look at it and say “the door is closed, but believe that this is what I am supposed to do; what kind of knowledge or skills do I need in order to achieve this goal and what kind of vehicle can get me there?” This is the shift in mindset that I have had; does it mean I gave up on my beliefs? No, I still believe what I believe they have just progressed to a point now where I do not look at adversity and say maybe there is another thing I can do, or another dream I can go after because this is obviously not mean to be, that former thinking will keep you down and not allow you to progress and achieve what you are capable of achieving. So, next time you come up on a door that stands in the way of what you truly feel you are supposed to do or BE; remember, Break That Door Down. U R Good Enough.