Swing Away

This post is dedicated to my son who absolutely loves baseball. We watched a movie the other day whose story had a huge impact on my life and how I look at things from a competitive standpoint. It was a story about a man named George who was a professional baseball player, it seemed when he went pro the only person that believed in him was his coach, even the GM told the coach to get rid of him. His coach though said wait, watch what he does; at that at-bat George hit a home-run and there was no questions about him after that. George continued to play professional baseball and played for 22 seasons; he was loved by fans and media not just for his baseball prowess but also for the way he lived larger than life itself. To this day he holds records that may never be beat, probably the most notable thing he is known for is his strikeouts; he had 1,330 in his career and led his league 5 times. Not only this but he was not what most of today would consider athletic by any standards; he smoked and drank and according to legend did not take good care of himself.

Now for the reason I use this player for this post; I help coach my son’s baseball team and I have told him that I would rather him swing with all he has and miss; than to swing just to make contact. George the baseball player had a career .342 batting average, 2,873 hits and 714 homeruns; he is most commonly referred to as Babe Ruth. This was a man that embodied, in his approach to baseball, how we should live our lives. Go for it; swing with everything you have and try to hit the homerun every time you get a chance. It is only then that we can see what we are truly capable of; it is only when we swing for the fences with every at bat that we have the chance to truly make an impact in other people’s lives.

U R Good Enough