Never Have Permanent Heroes

This post is going to be one of my top 10 of all time have written because it is going to challenge not just my readers but it also challenged me to really think and consider what and who a have looked to for inspiration or guidance. As the title says; I do not think that anyone should ever have permanent heroes during their lives. I am going to go through those points in a minute but wanted to give you a couple of minutes to think about the title. A hero by definition is “a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities”. Now, that we have the definition we need to find a couple of heroes to start off with; yes you read that right let’s find a hero or two that idealizes what we want to be, or accomplish in life. Look for people that represent that definition in the field of endeavor you are looking at and make them your hero.

We are going to make them a hero for the basis of what I am going to share with you next; the four reasons why there should never be permanent heroes in your life. I trust you will enjoy the reasons and that they will be informative as well.

  1. Goals Change
    1. During our lives, whether personal or professional, our goals that we want to achieve should change and grow. The reason for this is that hopefully as we progress through life we will achieve the earlier goals and have to set new ones. There is also going to come a point in your life that you will realize that the goals you are trying to accomplish are either unrealistic, for the place you are at in life, or just not appropriate for your ultimate plan. These instances of why goals change are positive things and can mean that the “hero” you had for a specific goal does not apply to the new one; in this case you would need to do a little research and find the person that has achieved the new, or replacement goal, and model what that person did.
  2. The World Changes
    1. This is one of the two that are completely out of our control and influence. Life happens to everyone and no one can keep it from having an impact on them or the goals they are striving to knock out. You can how ever do the following things to help minimize the interruption to your pursuit. An example of this happening is having kids; you and your significant other may not have planned on it but here comes the baby and you were not “prepared”. Instead of paying off a car, a house or setting aside money for retirement you now need to change your goal to something like; being prepared to pay off the hospital, buying a bigger car/van or just being able to afford the added expenses. There are a few steps that can help you in adjusting to make sure you pick the appropriate next “hero” for any change.
      1. Analyze the situation and see what it would take to conquer it
      2. Adjust your existing plan to fit the new challenge so that you can overcome and get back on track
      3. Work that plan with the mindset of achieving it and moving forward and not letting anything stop you.
  3. They Change
    1. Unfortunately in life there is one thing we can always count on to happen; CHANGE. Change not just happens with situations or goals but it can also happen to people as well. Things in everyone’s life can happen that might cause them to change the way that they look at things or what they believe in. “Hero’s” are human and so many times we do not afford them the ability to be human and to change or make mistakes; we put them on a pedestal sometimes and then fail to realize that they may just fall off; it is no big deal as everyone does it from time to time but we also need to look at what caused them to change a view or perspective and what their new belief has become. If it is something that does not line up with your ethical, moral or spiritual beliefs then you need to look to find another “hero” that aligns more with your personal beliefs and standards.
  4. We Change
    1. This situation right here is the best possible reason that you would need to choose a new “hero”. That is the point of your life; one of our life’s goals should be to outgrow our hero’s constantly so that we are moving in a positive direction and making our lives better. Look at it this way; let’s say one of your life’s goals is to acquire a retirement fund of $1M; you would simply find someone that has done it with similar circumstances to yours and model your actions after them. Well, what do you do when you get there? You set a higher goal, what if it is $5M? if the previous “hero” has not done it, with similar circumstances to yours, you would need to find another person to model and follow. This situation here is the most positive thing that can happen, it means you are growing and improving your life; if you are constantly replacing your “heroes” with new ones that have achieved more then you are on your way to a wonderful life.


I know that some of the information will fly in the face of traditional thinking but in order to achieve more in life we need to change the way we have been taught and the way we think. Einstein said “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. Heed his advice and let’s change for the better.

Remember: U R Good Enough