Take The Hit and Get Back Up

This post is going to be one of my shorter post but I believe it will also be one of the most beneficial post for you that I have ever written. The title of the post says it all; one of the most important things about life is that you are going to take hits, hard ones and what you do after get hit is what will determine how far in life you go. Watching all kinds of sports we are usually in awe at the sight of some big burly athlete absolutely “tagging” someone with a vicious hit or play; but what most people do not realize is that a lot of athletes that can deliver that knock-out blow are athletes that use to be on the receiving end of those plays. What they have been able to do is channel the feeling of being on the receiving end of those hits into making them the type of player that can deliver those devastating blows to their opponents.

I have coached players that when they first started a sport they were on the receiving end of those plays; they would strike out badly, get dunked on, run-over by another player or just embarrassed in some way when playing. The one thing I noticed about those players over the years is that the ones that did not give up eventually became the ones that started “returning the favor”; even against some of the ones that used to do it to them. They realized something that most of us do not; just because you are not good at something right now does not mean you can’t be good at it with some work and practice. Now, I am not talking about playing dirty or cheating, I am talking about playing fair but tough. Whenever you are “shown-up” by someone that has done something longer than you, you need to simply understand that it will not always be that way and that if you work you can become better and smarter and eventually be able to compete at a high level with those that have been doing your chosen activity longer than you.

So next time you are faced with a situation where someone best you, remember to use it as a learning experience and get up from the hit and keep moving.

Remember: U R Good Enough