Everyone is Someone’s Somebody


The subject matter and body of this post flows exactly like the title says; and is a very painful lesson to learn by your own experience and that is the reason that I have written this post. This rule of life is a basic rule that will serve people well no matter the career path they have chosen. We need a people to realize that everyone we come into contact with is special to someone else, we would not want someone treating our mom, wife, brother or sister disrespectfully so we need to remember that and treat people the same way. This topics importance is greatly magnified when we are dealing with the public in our daily lives. This simple phrase about life has saved me from countless embarrassing situations when dealing with people.

I remember one time specifically when I first started in sales ad was calling on an attorney’s office in our area. Other reps had tried to sell this client for years but had never gotten past the receptionist, they would go in, introduce themselves and when they asked to speak with the attorney or get on his calendar she would “shut them down”. I got handed the lead to work and begrudgingly went out to cold call the prospect. I walked in and introduced myself and started talking to the receptionist about HER day and what she did for the attorney. We talked for about 10 minutes about different topics before I asked to schedule an appointment. She gladly scheduled the appointment for me 2 days later. When I arrived for the appointment I spoke with her again for a few minutes and then took a seat to wait on the attorney, he came out greeted me and we went to his office for the appointment. We spoke for about 30 minutes and when I made my recommendation he agreed immediately; I was shocked so I asked him, “you have said NO to many other reps from my company, why are you saying yes to me?” He told me that it was because the receptionist was his wife and a was the first sales person ever to take an interest in her day and what she did; he said that showed I would take good care of THEM and he had no hesitations about working with me.

That brief story has stayed, and resonated, with me for the last 12 years have been in outside sales. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of that sales call and how it worked out. I always keep in the back of my mind that everyone is important no matter the position because you do not know who they are special to.

U-R-G-E; U R Good Enough